What Other's say about Wired for Success WORKSHOPS

Gayelene provided my management team with a range of techniques for driving sustained high performance and emotional resilience at work. In delivering her messages, Gayelene engaged the group with compelling stories from her high profile career which reinforced the practical applicability of her advice. My team left the workshop with many strategies to overcome challenges and get through times of peak workload. I highly recommend Gayelene for any team wanting to increase their performance and care for the emotional well-being of staff.  Ayesha Razzaq: General Manager Retail ActewAGL Retail

“ Gayelene presented and lead workshops at the GWF commercial business partners conference – with a particular focus on change management. Without exception, the audience found her personal experiences and references to real life sports performance concepts and people very valuable and highly relevant. I can definitely recommend Gayelene.  Her understanding and practical application of the Psychological aspects of high performance and change management is exceptional.” Lorna Raine: Chief Financial Officer George Weston Foods Limited

I engaged Gayelene on behalf of Manly United Football Club and as Head of Player Welfare felt the area of Sports & Performance Psychology was something we needed to make our players, parents and coaches more aware of.   Gayelene ran 3 x separate workshops for our Youth Boys/Girls (13Y-16Y),their parents and all coaches from the club. The feedback has been fantastic and discussions around emotional regulation, managing time, social media, the importance of sleep, communication and many other topics seemed to captivate the 3 x groups. A number of our players have already engaged Gayelene’s services as a Sports Psychologist which I believe is vitally important for their mental wellbeing not only as players but as young adults.  We will certainly look to bring Gayelene back next season to run a few more workshops in helping us develop a very strong Player Welfare Program.  Steve Felsher:  Director & Principal Physiotherapist PHYSIO4ALL, Head Physiotherapist Manly United Football Club

Gayelene is a fantastic operator. She is intelligent, hard working, and really understands people. She knows how to connect like-minded individuals, and get the best out of them as a group. I would say, without doubt, she is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure of connecting with in media. She has my five star rating!  Craig Norenbergs: Broadcasting Professional

“Gayelene is passionate knowledgeable and personable.  Gayelene is the best Performance Psychologist I have had the pleasure of working with.  I have worked in Physiotherapy Private Practice for 10 years including work with elite level tennis and rugby players, as well as gymnasts, cross fit athlete, the Australian Federal Police and Public Servants.  Gayelene’s knowledge and skills have been absolutely invaluable.  I would recommend Gayelene without reservation.”  William Maher APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at Movehappy Healthcare, Physiotherapist to Nick Kyrgios



Gayelene Clews has achieved a lifetime of success in the highly competitive international arena of elite sport and in the field of education.  Of her achievements she says,

“I love to work with the individuals in the ‘grey’ - those who are made to feel unremarkable - because I know that the extraordinary lies in all of us, but to be everything we can be, we first have to truly know ourselves.”

Olympic psychologist, former elite athlete, coach and educator, Gayelene Clews, is passionate about helping people excel.  Growing up in outback Australia in a family of eight, the former world class athlete, represented her country in two sports.  Clews achieved the World number One ranking in the women’s Olympic distance triathlon, while she was the only mother on the professional triathlon circuit. At the same time, she supported her (then) husband to a World Championship and world record breaking performances in the men’s marathon. 

Clews has coached athletes to medals in world championships and as the Australian Olympic team Psychologist to Women’s Water Polo, she contributed to the team’s exciting Gold medal. Her extensive work with professional football codes includes six years at the Canberra Raiders (NRL) during their highly successful 1990’s, time as a consultant for the Australian Wallabies (ARU) during their 1999 World Cup win followed by five years with NSW cricket. Today, Clews combines her passion for working alongside elite athletes with helping individuals of all levels maximise both their athletic and academic abilities.  

Clews takes a holistic approach to being the best you can be, centred on helping individuals develop metacognitive self-awareness to transition from ordinary performers to extraordinary achievers.  This approach helped her own three children – viewed as average performers develop into extraordinary learners and earn academic scholarships both nationally and internationally.

In 2015, Gayelene Clews released her new book on minimising symptoms of mental illness, by using the opportunities available through sport and exercise to build resilient, self-aware and connected communities.  Her research and interviews with many of Australia’s and World’s elite athletes and coaches, together with her insights gained through 15,000 professional consultations, enables Clews to present a very powerful argument for the critical role emotional intelligence and exercise play in mental health, well-being and professional success.   Her recommendations for mental wellness have already received unified praise across both Olympic and Professional sports and in the field of education and business.  Her insights and use of sporting analogies provides a platform to raise awareness on key strategies for building mind wealth in business. Strategies that can be taught to all Australians. 


Di Huxley has been a Track and Field Manager for multiple Australian Teams (including Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth Games and World Track and Field Championships).  She has been a High Performance Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) and Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS).  Di has successfully coached, supported and guided many elite athletes through both the highs and lows of their sporting careers with a holistic approach to athlete welfare.

Combining her love of learning and extensive experience in elite Track and Field Di is currently completing her PhD through the University of Sydney, looking at the holistic development and career transitions of Australian Olympic Track and Field athletes. The study hopes to provide both some robust evidence and a deeper understanding of the elite athlete mindset in Australian Track and Field as a platform for the design, delivery and evaluation of future elite programs.

As part of the "Wired for Success" team, Di leads combinations of morning stretching, walks in open green spaces, yoga and meditation to kick start your conference.  Helping individuals to understand their own unique personality style and how to use both their physical, mental and emotional energy wisely. 



Imagine if you could improve the emotional well-being of your organisation while increasing productivity?  Well you can.  Imagine professional development where staff don't just hear about "Life Style Balance", but get to live it.  Where the day starts with mindful activities in open green spaces and the science behind helpful strategies for a balanced life style is explained.    What if it was also okay for things to be temporarily out of balance as long as individuals know how to manage their emotional energy in the longer term?  

"Wired for Success" seminars and workshops put the science into success. Building emotionally intelligent organisations that invigorate employees rather than burn them out. 


Parents teachers & SCHOOLS 

With advances in technology young people are being asked to process unprecedented amounts of information, resulting in emotional burnout.

Our emotional energy is a limited resource and if not used wisely can lead to mental ill-health such as anxiety and depression.  Symptoms can include anger, agitation or low mood when asked to switch off a phone or computer. 

Technology addiction is real, but there is help available. "Wired for Success" presentations help educate students, parents and teachers on how to use technology in a safe and resourceful way.  To bring the groups closer together so they can better negotiate their technology use at home, school and business while avoiding the pitfalls of mental fatigue.


Wired to Play provides both short and long term training in the area of athlete mental health and performance.

Qualified professionals deliver training to individuals of all age groups, sports and genders. A holistic approach to athlete education is employed that integrates the individual’s psychological temperament and learning style for greater metacognitive self-awareness and self-management. 

Individual and team strategies are provided for emotional regulation, for consistent and improved performances and mind wealth.


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