The world can be a crazy hectic place, you can feel so busy rushing to get things done that you are rarely ever present in the things you do.  You may ruminate over what happened yesterday, worry about what you have to get through today and feel anxious you won’t have time tomorrow.  Always striving to be in a better place sometime in the future, but never really happy with where you are right now. 

What if you could discover an easy and healthy tool to change all of that busyness, with proven results for a more content life and it is free?  YOU CAN!

Stressful busyness pours adrenaline and cortisol into your body and makes you feel stressed.  Enjoyable busyness pours dopamine into our body but if you never slow down you use it all up you soon become depleted, feeling agitated, flat and withdrawn.   It is a terrible cycle between rushing to stay on top of things and feeling unmotivated. 

How to Feel Instantly Better NOW!!  Do something for someone else!  “But I don’t have time” you say “because I’m so busy!!!” The neurochemical oxytocin kicks in when you selflessly do something for someone else and here’s the magic of oxytocin.  Not only is it your love chemical and makes you feel better about yourself, it helps to override adrenaline providing you with a more clear and calmer mind.  That brief conversation that you have at the water cooler, taking the time to ask an employee about their life outside of work.  Making a cup of coffee for someone unexpectedly, offering to lend a helping hand, or maintaining eye contact with the person who is speaking with you, makes them feel you are really listening and care. Little acts of kindness go along way not only to build connectedness and have others feel more kindly towards you, it changes your neurochemistry and can give you an instant lift, adds to your productivity and enjoyment of life.  What is even better, these little acts of kindness can be repeated many times over providing that little pick-up you need every day.