Thanks to Caroline Marton and Carmen Marton (Taekwondo) who shared the discussion on how to help our Olympians post Rio.  Post-Olympic stresses and athlete transitions into life after sport present considerable challenges with many athletes left feeling confused, depressed or disillusioned.   This is at odds with living the Olympic dream and celebrating being an Olympian.  Aware that post completion blues can be a part of the Olympic experience “Wired to Play” is assisting the AOC in running awareness raising workshops with our athletes. 

The AOC initiative is a small step in helping athletes identifying, understanding and managing potential challenges that can occur in this post competition and transition phase.  Providing athletes with a starting point and tools to move forward in life after competitive sport, or in some cases, giving them the impetus to prepare for another Olympic campaign with renewed energy and perspective.

My sessions discuss the limits of our emotional energy, potential exhaustion and post competition blues as well as transition out of sport for those who are contemplating retirement.  Looking closely at athlete identity and the unique way athletes are wired to be in the world.  How to manage their emotional energy in helpful ways when they are no longer training or competing.  Seeking to build self-aware and resilient athletes as a critical component in dealing with life after sport. 

It isn’t just the Olympians who need support in this area, there are large numbers of athletes who didn’t quite qualify for the Olympics who also need to be supported (for additional help contact me at  Until now, athletes have sought this type of support in an ad-hoc fashion, some after considerable periods of pain and emotional suffering. This AOC initiative marks the first tailored and focused support for athletes in transition post and Olympics.  To read up our elite athlete journey’s and the human side of sport visit continue to follow